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A full map can be found here.

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EMF-blue.png Villages
EMF-green.png Teams
EMF-red.png Stage
On this map you can see...
Stage A;  Stage B;  Stage C;  Team:Admin;  Team:Badge;  Team:Bar;  Team:Catering;  Team:Conduct and Access;  Team:Content;  Team:First Aid;  Team:InfoDesk;  Team:Kids;  Team:Logistics;  Team:Lounge;  Team:NOC;  Team:Power;  Team:Sanitation;  Team:Sponsorship;  Team:Stage;  Team:Stewarding;  Team:Video;  Team:Villages;  Team:Volunteering;  Team:Web;  Village:2600;  Village:404;  Village:AlgoDork;  Village:Amateur Radio;  Village:BigHak support crew;  Village:Bristol Hackspace;  Village:Burners;  Village:Cambridge Makespace;  Village:Camp Chaos;  Village:Camp Holland;  Village:Camp UKNOF;  Village:CCC;  Village:Cheltenham Hackspace;  Village:CRTC;  Village:Edinburgh Hacklab;  Village:Enter-tent-ment;  Village:Fablab Camp;  Village:Gold Members Lounge;  Village:HABville;  Village:Hackbases;  Village:Haxors of the roses;  Village:Hx3;  Village:Irish Embassy;  Village:Lockpicking;  Village:London Aerospace;  Village:Maidstone Hackspace;  Village:Make. Invent. Do;  Village:Millers Hollow;  Village:Milliways;  Village:MK Makerspace;  Village:Moose;  Village:NADHack;  Village:NEVER TOO MUCH BUNTING;  Village:Nexmo;  Village:Nottinghack;  Village:Open Data Village;  Village:Oxford Hackspace;  Village:Reading Minecraft Village;  Village:RLab (Reading Hackspace);  Village:SawuGo, the One Ring workshop;  Village:Scottish Consulate;  Village:SHHandM;  Village:SHM;  Village:Smart Earth Network;  Village:South London Makerspace;  Village:SUWS;  Village:Swiss Village;  Village:Symbiosis;  Village:Sympathe;  Village:The Hacking Hamlet;  Village:The Maths Village;  Village:The Northern Quarter;  Village:Threat-centric;  Village:West London Hackers