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== Loose clothing ==
== Loose clothing ==
* Grey ''NY'' baseball cap (No Fear)
* Grey '''NY''' baseball cap (No Fear)
* Black ''Party ARGG'' baseball cap (Beechfield)
* Black '''Party ARGG''' baseball cap (Beechfield)
* Maroon baseball cap (GR)
* Maroon baseball cap (GR)
* White cap (Fredrikson)
* White cap (Fredrikson)

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All lost property that was collected at the HQ is listed below. If you're missing something important, please get in touch.


Plastic bag 1

  • Black cooking apron (Ameripride)
  • Aztec pattern shawl
  • Single black glove (Thinsulate)
  • Brushed metal camping mug
  • Sun lotion
  • 3 * anti-bacterial gel

Plastic bag 2

  • Bright pink handtowel
  • Boxers
  • Pair of socks
  • Water bottle

Plastic bag 3

  • Dark blue towel (Gymbox)
  • Black washbag
  • Blue t-shirt
  • Boxers
  • Pair of socks

Plastic bag 4

  • Pink box of Turkish Delights (M&S). I've thrown these out, sorry.
  • Compact umbrella with feather pattern
  • Single fingerless glove (GEL)
  • Football pump needle
  • UK-various mini travel adapter
  • Coleman 40-529 watch
  • Pair of keys on a mini carabiner
  • Blue Jays baseball cap (American Needle)

Loose clothing

  • Grey NY baseball cap (No Fear)
  • Black Party ARGG baseball cap (Beechfield)
  • Maroon baseball cap (GR)
  • White cap (Fredrikson)
  • Drab green fishing hat (TH Cap's)
  • Sandy fishing hat
  • Dark blue kids? fishing hat
  • Skull & crossbones hat (Pat's Theatre Hats)
  • Red floral head band/laptop protector?
  • Denim shirt (Papaya)
  • Square purple/black shawl
  • Large grey & white boxers (TU)
  • Grey polyester hoodie (FSBN)


  • Green VMWare water bottle (Camelbak)
  • Brushed metal water bottle (Karrimor)
  • Blue water bottle with beehive sticker (SIGG)
  • Blue water bottle
  • Black water bottle (Primus)
  • Transparent water bottle with name on base (bobble)
  • Bungee elastic loop and metal hook
  • Screw water bottle lid

Misc accessories

  • Black & clear hair grip
  • Pink Hello Kitty bow
  • Soft mobile phone bag with Dragon Alliance label
  • Bamboo folding fan with blue leaves
  • Hanging heart and mermaids hair pin


  • Grey plastic shades
  • Grey shades with brass handles (Ray Ban)
  • Bronze shades with no handles
  • Maroon "48018" glasses
  • Black glasses (OSIRIS)
  • Dark blue plastic shades


  • iPhone lightning cable
  • 85W MagSafe charger + MagSafe 2 converter
  • Swiss-IEC C5 (3-pin infinity) cable
  • 19V 1.75A UK transformer, labelled "silk mill / Makers Fayre / Sam W"
  • Micro SD card with boot image on
  • Rayman GBC cartridge
  • Pink in-ear headphones
  • USB-Pebble cable
  • Canon LP-E8 battery
  • Baofeng UHF/VHF antenna
  • Metal LED torch (ISY)
  • Plastic GOMA torch (Spanninga)


  • BT Adastral mug
  • Notebook, with 5 pages used, including "Screeens for Trochee" and "Story of $50SAT". I can scan these if you like.
  • Pink/yellow Lego felt-tip pen
  • Plastic plate with two rows of regularly-spaced magnets in
  • Saab? SAA 1P1 car key (JMA)
  • Folding allen key/screwdriver set (Acor)
  • Unbranded Stainless-Steel disc lock
  • Nikon LC-62 lens cap with strap
  • Unbranded 49mm lens cap