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Add contact details and your itinerary here if you'd like to help people wanting a lift

  • User:sohalt Driving to EMF from Stuttgart,Germany with 2 free seats in the car.
    • Starting in the evening of 2016-08-04 in Stuttgart and leaving EMF on Monday morning
    • If interested write to emf@<myusername>.net
  • Andreas Driving to EMF from London, 2 seats free currently.
    • Leaving Friday morning, returning either Sunday evening or Monday morning...plans permitting.
    • contact me through this for details
  • Liedra Driving to EMF from Leicester, 1 seat free currently, 2 if you don't have much stuff.
    • Leaving Friday morning, returning Monday morning.
    • Contact me via email, liedra at gmail or twitter, @liedra