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The Maths Village

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Description At this village we will do maths.
Contact User:MScroggs
Activities maths, math, mathematics
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Adam Fri Aug 5 18:30 Sun Jul 3 20:00 Tent
Cameron Fri Aug 5 7:00 Sun Aug 7 22:00 Tent, Ethernet, Poker chips/books, Rpi
Gin Fri Aug 5 0:00 Mon Aug 8 0:00
Jacqui Fri Aug 5 10:00 Sun Aug 7 22:00 Tent, flapjack
Matt Mon Aug 1 18:30 Tue Aug 9 16:00 Kettle, tea, EMFFAX, ScroggsBot, wool and crochet hooks, flexagon templates
Ryan Fridge, 5 Port Switch, Cards Against Humanity, CPR Mannequins
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In our village, we will have a Raspberry Pi (3) running this code.

We will be hosting some events (iCal feed). The main event will be a maths evening on the Friday night (a bit like Maths Jam), which will include hyperbolic crochet, flexagon making and puzzles.