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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Aimee Phillips
Alex Silcock
Andy Cook Fri Aug 5 15:00 Mon Aug 8 11:00 Nerf Tracer Rounds
Ben Dooks
Benjamin Blundell
Bob Clough Whatever i can fit in my bag - probably flashy led stuff
Bob Stone SpaceHack
Chris Hilliard Hopefully, a wood burning stove, bacon, and general insanity?
Christine Farion
Daniel Fri Aug 5 12:00 Mon Aug 8 9:00 Free haribos if you can hack the box.
Fahad Sadah Fri Aug 5 0:00 Mon Aug 8 0:00 Nerf weaponry and ammo; board games; possibly Cards Against Humanity
James "theorbtwo" Mastros Fri Aug 5 13:00 Mon Aug 8 9:00
Jess Robinson Fri Aug 5 13:00 Mon Aug 8 9:00 Kettle, Fridge, 3D printer (M3D), Board/Card games, Toys ..
John Cooper
Joseph Corcoran
Kathryn Reeve Thu Aug 4 0:00 Mon Aug 8 0:00 Self, few Board Games
Kimball Johnson Tue Aug 2 0:00 Sun Aug 7 0:00
Luke McCullagh
Martyn Ranyard Fri Aug 5 0:00 Mon Aug 8 0:00 No clue, ask me on the bus!
Mathers x4 e-textiles & puzzles/games if space in car
Paul Brook Fri Aug 5 0:00 Mon Aug 8 0:00
Rick Ansell Fri Aug 5 10:00 Mon Aug 8 10:00
Tom Bloor Thu Aug 4 14:00 Myself
Tom Hargreaves
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