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Village: Women and non-binary village

Description Village for women and non-binary people to camp, cook and chat together and feel a bit more secure.
Contact User:Drcable
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  • Campingolely
  • cooking
  • chatting
  • Possibly some talks and/or workshops
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This is a village for women and non-binary people to chat, camp and cook together and people identifying solely as men (be they cis or trans) are asked to respect this. The idea behind this village is to offer a space where people who face some of the same issues can meet with each other. Presentation will not be policed and it goes without saying that trans women are welcome. While we ask you to respect the personal space of people using this village, intention and behaviours are what counts. We recognise that the campsite is limited in terms of space and privacy. If you accidentally wander in, that's not a problem, but if you are asked to leave, please take that request seriously (as you would with any village).

The village will be identified with a sign and some green polka dot bunting – When we're set up, we'll have photos posted to here(before Friday).