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Village: Positive Village
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Description Mainly made up of techies from Positive Internet Ltd. We are into Linux / Open Source, cloud hosting and buzzword hating anti-buzzword loving.
Contact User:jellifish
Web Site
Activities We are hoping to set up a LAN gaming tent for all (with Linux games such as OpenArena) and perhaps tournaments with small prizes. Another idea we had involves board games.
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We currently consist of:-

The Village LAN Gaming Center

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Marquee 9 x 3m second hand bought on e-bay, not yet been tested!
Chairs and tables confirmed
A few Dell Zino HDs with Linux and monitors
Switches / Cables
Debian + Ubuntu mirror
USB sticks / CDs for people to use with laptops
Games suggested so far:-
Just getting into Space Engineers - JH (proprietory nonsense jj)

Tent 1

(jellifish, njell & Izaak)

7 man tent, two areas, one for sleeping, one for storage and central communal area.

Tent 2


6 man tent, three small rooms, sleeps 2 comfortably and has spare rooms for storage etc.

Tent 3


1/2 man tent, small, no reall space beyond essentials

Tent 4

(Avi) small 1-man tent. Maybe with a porch.

(add your tents here, Jon, JT)

We still need

Signage (wooden sign kindly offered from Nigel of discreetsecuritysolutions, needs a pole and fixing) / flag?
Flooring for marquee (tarps on order, straw coming too)
Promo materials / giveaways?
Kensington locks to bolt kit to tables
Soldering iron/breadboards/dc psu's ???
music (ie speakers/amp) (Posi PA system available, permission required from EMF organisers to use)
projector?  ie watch films
coffee maker (essential)
fans if hot? (yeah we should be so lucky)
heaters (two small ones ordered)
door mats (need to source or order)
bubble wrap / plastic for draft exclusion
more duct tape