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Village: Laser Cutting
Village LaserCutting.png
Description Laser cutters, set up and running in a field.
Contact User:msraynsford
Web Site
Activities Intro to Laser cutting,

Introduction to Inkscape, Introduction to Lasercut 5.3, Basic Laser Maintenance

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Laser Cutting Village

At EMF Camp 2012 we took along a single A4 laser cutter and ran it from the back of a van, this year we're planning to up our game and take multiple laser cutters A3 in size and maybe even an A1 machine. They'll be available for use all weekend and we're happy to have people come help us with the village, maybe even bring your own laser.


Dominic Morrow bringing a Just Add Sharks, Blacknose A3 Laser Cutter

Martin Raynsford bringing a Just Add Sharks, WhiteTooth A1 Laser Cutter

Ian Crowther bringing an HPC4030 A3 laser cutter


We're currently hoping to have a 5m x 5m canvas marque with 3 sturdy workbenches and 3 sitting benches to work from. Obviously it's better if the laser cutters can be set up free standing to give us as much space as possible to work from.

A couple of old laptops will be available to work the above machines for preparing artwork while not connected to the machine.