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Village: Field Phone
Description We are running a phone network in a field.
Contact User:User:Kevinprince
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  • running a phone network
  • teaching about phones
  • having delicious food
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Field Phone is the Geeks of London project / village at Electromagnetic Field camp in August 2014. Our goal is to build a entertaining free phone network for people to use and play with.

What are we doing

We are running a developmental telephone network across the EMF site. The network will feature GSM, SIP, POTS and SMS messaging.

The network looks like this:

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The Coverage

SIP: We will provide sip throughout the site via WiFi.

Fixed: Probably 10-15 phones around the site near public areas.

GSM: Main areas OK, Campsites patchy.

DECT: um no, sadly.


SIP is our primary service mechanism. It's available to all via a client on your iOS or Android phone. We use Asterisk as our SIP server

Post Phones

There will be numerous fixed phones around the site. Just look for a Field Phone booth.

The GSM network

The 2G GSM is a development network built upon OpenBTS. It operates at 1800mhz at 100mw. Field Phone GSM is not designed to provide the same capabilites or service level as your commercial GSM operator.


We have three Vango Icarus tents each housing between 5 and 6 people. Check with kevinprince for a full kit list.

Additionally a few other smaller tents will be joining us.

Tables, Chairs and Haybales are coming from EMF Org.


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