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Village: Extension Leeds

Description A group of computing geeks and drunkards from Leeds (not part of the hackspace) coming down to have some fun and learn some geekery.
Contact User:missedthepit
Web Site
Activities We're planning bringing a portable projector so we'll see what fun we can have with that.

Half of us work in computer vision, so I'm hoping to get some webcams set up and do some interactive stuff.


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Extension Leeds

We're all from (or at least used to be from) Leeds. We're not from the hackspace, we're extending the Leeds cohort. Extension Leeds, geddit? :)

Kit We Have

* 2 x Logitech C170 webcams
* 1 x Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000
* 1 x Very old Dell XPS15 on which to try some OpenCV stuff
* Blue lights
* Solar lights
* Solar charger
* RaspberryPi Model B
* RaspberryPi Model A
* 5m HDMI Cable
* 20m Cat6 Cable
* Portable Projector
* Gazebo
* Duct Tape
* Long Exterior Extension Lead

Kit We Need

* More things...