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If you want to hire a tent contact Current price list for tents is

size Price
3m x 4.5m / 15ft x 10ft £150
3m x 6m / 10ft x 20ft £185
3m x 10m / 10ft x 32ft £215
3m x 12m / 10ft x 40ft £235
4m x 4m / 13.5ft x 13.5ft £185
4m x 6m / 13.5ft x 20ft £215
4m x 8m / 26ft x 13.5ft £245
4m x 10m / 32ft x 13.5ft £285
10m x 6m / 32ft x 20ft £375

We can also hire tables (6ft Tressel) at £4 each and chairs for £1 each. Straw bales are also available for £2.75 each. Again, please contact for further information