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Dave Wilson, Network Engineer for WarwickNet, a Midlands ISP.

Also known as SparkyDave, head of site electrics for Profound Decisions, a UK LRP company.

I specialise in slinging cables of all kinds, and can frequently be found running 3-phase all over fields in Northamptonshire for PD during the summer. Really hoping EMF doesn't clash with Empire or Odyssey...

If I come, I will be bringing my Defender, which I am happy to use for manoeuvring trailers if needs be - it is an automatic, which makes it very convenient for doing so.

I very much hope that the camp is held at Stoneleigh Park and the bandwidth gets provided by Warwicknet, as if that happens I will be able to call it Work, and not need extra time off to volunteer - most of my leave days get spent on PD events.

I am Si1entDave on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and most other things. I am quite happy to give out my mobile number for use by the organisers if useful.