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"ElectroMagnetic Boogaloo" TiLDA mk2

Notes from the initial meeting held during Makerfaire April 28th 2013

Numbers and Timeline

  • Look at around 1500 site licence for EMF2014, so at least that many landyards
    • look to build at least 10-25% excess
    • also need to know numbers for weekend tickets vs day tickets and if day tickets are also getting a lanyard
      • day tickets didn't not get a TiLDA in 2012
      • suggested that day ticket holder could purchase one as discount say £10 on top of their ticket price, vs posible selling any spares at say £40
  • Looking to budget about £30 each
  • They must be built at least 1.5 month before the event, NO last minute rush again
  • Also includes firmware and software to be ready one month ahead of time,
    • possible in final testing phase
    • three main parts to consider
      • firmware for lanyard
      • colocated gateways
      • web/server side (local at camp and hosted online)
  • Looking to have early prototypes (breadboards) within a few months, working prototypes by end of the year, small run of 50-100 for developers

Things it must do

  • Receive broadcast announcements on talks scheduling
    • user registers their lanyard and which talks/workshops they are interested in on web site
    • lanyard’s registered for talks receives reminders and notice of when and where a talk will be especially important if a talk is moved (time/location)
  • IR interaction
    • could be used for business card mode
    • games
    • talking to TiLDA or SiNE
  • Torch Mode
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Work during the event and be useful afterwards

Hardware that's required to support the above

  • Arduino Compatible
    • Looking for 32bit Cortex M3
    • Due chip Atmel SAM3X8E
    • Keep the Arduino 1.0 (R3) style headers (moving them to the back as the screen will take up most of the front)
  • LCD Screen
    • Graphical
    • Black and white (colour is likely to be to much power)
    • Fill a large area of the front side ( 50x80mmm )
    • Low power (if only we could get e-ink or sharp memory)
  • Speaker or at least a buzzer to help notify users of update
    • Buzzer is lowest option
    • SAM3 can to sound playback thanks to the DAC's. Arduino has support for playback of WAV files
  • Broadcast receive, this means a radio
    • Wifi is too expensive and needs to much power
    • First choice is Ciseco SRF module (868MHz, same chip as IM-Me)
    • BLE/BLE emulation would be nice, but would require 2.4GHz radio
  • LiPo battery
    • Same as TiLDA? 1500mAh single cell
    • needs charge hardware from usb/dc point
    • need to be able to run the badge from USB without the battery plugged in
    • On/Off Switch (slide)
  • Torch Mode LED’s
    • High bright white or same RGB as last time
    • RGB means can have other uses as well
    • Torch mode button/slide switch
    • Firmware can do touch sleep modes (turn off after X minutes)
  • PCB’s
    • Same style as TiLDA
    • As close to same size as possible, but depends on screen and moving of the Arduino headers
  • Input methods
    • Buttons
    • joystick
    • Blackberry trackball
    • Capacitive touch
  • Landyard’s to hang it off
    • Printed with EMF branding
    • Snap release at the back
  • IR
    • Lessons learnt from TiLDA and SiNE IR??
  • Sponsors Logo’s
    • Need to leave room for these some where

Things we would like

  • Real time clock
  • µSD socket (footprint at least, if not socket and card)
  • Use the spearks as a PA system, (download recorded WAV over network then synced playback start)
  • Unique ID for each badge possible MAC address or even IPv6
  • Locations tracking
  • Send text to it, not just talks (SMS you friends badge?)
  • Twitter client?
  • Battery voltage measurement and display
  • Lilypad Landings so it can be turned into a wearable
  • Tiny robot shields (motors/wheels/sensors) that it can plug into
  • Custom Glass LCD http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/614004757/customized_TN_positive_graphic_lcd_panel.html
  • TV-B-Gone code
  • Lego Holes
  • Cake (is not a lie)
  • Limited editing for staff/volunteers (different color PCB’s)

Crazy Ideas that we might add if theres any budget left

  • IMU
    • Accel
    • Gyro
    • Compass
    • Barometer
  • Inductive charging
  • Microphone
  • LDR
  • Temp
  • Humidity
  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • TAOS TSL230R Light wave sensor
  • Servo Headers
  • Capacitive Touch Pads
  • Laser cut case (might be used to help mount the LCD)
  • FPGA Chip
  • Brain Monitor
  • Mini Led matrix square 8x8 20mm square
  • Pulse sensor
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Barcode scanner
  • Bluetooth LE

Crazy Ideas have been dismissed for random reasons

  • Taser mode (NO)
  • Laser (NO)
  • NFC (to expensive and power hungry)
  • WIFI (to expensive and power hungry)
  • Camera (to expensive and power hungry)