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Team:stage is setting up, operating and tearing down the staging equipment: lights, projector and audio.

Info for speakers

There will be presentation laptops on the stages. These will be MS Windows laptops (due to the way the video streaming team intends to capture slides), speakers are expected to make their slides available through the speakerdesk people.

In case you can't or won't use the windows laptop, we provide the following video inputs to the projector:

  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • DVI

Do note that the recording of your slides for streaming and archival of talks will be sub-optimal if you do not use the provided laptop (the video team will have to point the camera at the screen instead of using the direct capture).

Additional standard features:

  • 3.5 audio jack
  • hand-held microphone

And the following specials:

  • camera
  • UHF

If you require any of the above specials or something more exotic, be sure to let the talk scheduling committee know this.

If you have any special needs, feel free to contact us at

Info for volunteers

Volunteering is organised through the volunteering team, see the FAQ.

We'll need volunteers for:

  • build-up / tear-down
  • production days

No special skills required, affinity with a/v helps but we'll be giving induction courses for new volunteers so it is not required.