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Water, toilets, showers and rubbish

This team needs volunteers


We will have mains water and tanked (WRAS-approved) sources for the taps and showers.

Combined with both commercial and council testing, all water available on site will be clean and suitable for drinking from all taps.


There will be a combination of standard portable toilets, disabled toilets and urinals in various locations around the site.

Please don't urinate in bushes or anywhere else apart from the provided toilets.


There will be 3 shower blocks located on the site. Please try not to spend hours in the showers so that we can conserve water and keep queues short.

Rubbish & Recycling


You will see a mixture of wheely bins in 'bin stations' and larger 1100l bins for all waste. There will be two categories: recycling and mixed waste which will be identified by stickers on the bins.


Last time we didn't do very well at this. This year we can recycle:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic (bottles etc)
  • Glass bottles (but please don't bring any glass on site)
  • Aluminium and steel cans and tins

Please recycle as much as you can.


Pretty much everything else goes in this. Please speak to us before you dump something unusual in the bins though.