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Thank you for coming to EMF 2014. Please do the following:

Electromagnetic Field 2014 Workshops

Workshops are interactive events where you are expected to participate, learn, teach, and have a lot of fun. They range from lockpicking, soldering, debating, pentesting to robotics, making chiptunes and more.

Planned workshops

No workshops have been confirmed yet, watch this page for updates on this topic!

Want to give a workshop?

If you are interested in giving a workshop, please fill in the Call for Participation.

Workshops we'd like to see (suggestions)

  • More blacksmithery (as per 2012)
  • How to make a Klein bottle
  • Green woodworking ([this sort of thing])
  • The headhacking guy
  • Stained glass
  • Knitting
  • Jewellery making (silver clay, etc.)
  • Stop motion (with lego or hand made puppets)
  • Chasing cables around walls neatly (hints for doorways, maybe cutting channels + plastering)