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* Nick (whisky. hopefully good whisky.)
* Nick (whisky. hopefully good whisky.)
* [[User:SamLR|SamLR]] (something whisky)
* [[User:SamLR|SamLR]] (something whisky)
* [[User:GeeksAreForLife|James]] (I'll find something nice)

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Carrying on the tradition. Bring a bottle (or more) of nice whisky. You might just be able to get away with whiskey.

When: Saturday August 30th at 21:30
Where: TBC (probably Villages:London Hackspace or Milliways)

If you're coming, add your name and what you're bringing:

  • Russ (something from SMWS)
  • Jonty (something from SMWS)
  • Nick (whisky. hopefully good whisky.)
  • SamLR (something whisky)
  • James (I'll find something nice)