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Don't put your name here unless you really mean it!

Wiki user Driving licence categories
(if willing to drive)
I'd like to I'm willing to


B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E (clean)

  • Take ownership of caravan/motorhome/trailer-tent section of site (selection of initial location, mark-up, marshalling, liaison re power/potable water/greywater/blackwater etc.)
  • Create "I'm shy/alone, please talk to me" type badges
  • Offer telephone conference room(s) with SIP, geo and freephone access
  • Offer on-site telecoms
  • Drive minibuses
  • Run shop (basic staples)
  • Keep loos stocked with toilet roll
  • Pretty much anything else


A,B, B1 (clean)

  • Help Deploy wireless / wired network (Certs CCNP,RHCE)
  • Help Build tents / camp
  • Anything to help out


B (but Dutch)

  • Help with info/noc helpdesk
  • Buildup and teardown
  • Sysadmin
  • Wiki maintaining & structuring
  • Parking/Security
  • Barshifts
  • Help with cooking
  • Probably more stuff I'm forgetting.

'RepRap' Matt


  • Badge Team, already working on it TiLDA 2
  • Workshop Team, if I can convince JamesH form NottingHack to still do it with me, Organising of the workshop tents, before during and after. Includes worshop tents for people to hold workshops, and general hacking/making tents
  • Buildup and teardown
  • Anything in between Badge hacking and running the Workshop area