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* anything but drive a minibus all day like last time!
* anything but drive a minibus all day like last time!
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'''Please do not add your name to this list, it is not being used anymore'''
'''Please do not add your name to this list, it is not being used anymore'''

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Thank you for coming to EMF 2014. Please do the following:

Please do not add your name to this list, it is not being used anymore

  • The volunteer team are using their own system.
  • If you've ticked the 'volunteer' box when you bought a ticket then you will be added to the list.
  • If you'd like to be more explicit with when and what you can help with please email volunteer@emfcamp.org

Don't put your name here unless you really mean it and don't edit other people's words without their permission.

This is a page in addition to signing up to volunteer as part of the ticket buying process. Please make sure that you have bought a ticket and signed up using that method as the emails gathered there will be how we contact everyone.

NOTE: unless you're volunteering as a first aider (and have confirmed ahead of time with the first aid team) you must buy a ticket.

Wiki user Driving licence categories
(if willing to drive)
I'd like to I'm willing to



  • Help deploy wired/wireless network
  • Help tent construction/camp
  • Build and teardown
  • Systems Admin
  • Wiki stuff
  • Lighting/Sound Engineer
  • Social Media/Video/Pictures etc.
  • Try me
  • Note: ticket not bought yet.. working on it
  • Email on Wiki page


B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E (clean)

  • Take ownership of caravan/motorhome/trailer-tent section of site (selection of initial location, mark-up, marshalling, liaison re power/potable water/greywater/blackwater etc.)
  • Create "I'm shy/alone, please talk to me" type badges
  • Offer telephone conference room(s) with SIP, geo and freephone access
  • Offer on-site telecoms
  • Drive minibuses
  • Run shop (basic staples)
  • Keep loos stocked with toilet roll
  • Pretty much anything else


A,B, B1 (clean)

  • Help Deploy wireless / wired network (Certs CCNP,RHCE)
  • Help Build tents / camp
  • Anything to help out


B (but Dutch)

  • Help with info/noc helpdesk
  • Buildup and teardown
  • Sysadmin
  • Wiki maintaining & structuring
  • Parking/Security
  • Barshifts
  • Help with cooking
  • Probably more stuff I'm forgetting.

'RepRap' Matt


  • Badge Team, already working on it TiLDA 2
  • Buildup and teardown (thought mostly i expect to be sorting badge related stuff, like deploying the R-PI radio network)
  • Anything in between Badge hacking and running the Workshop area

Nathan Lasseter

B,B1,f,k,p (clean)

  • Help with the NOC team (LAIT1 Accredited)
  • Lay/fly cabling/fibre
  • Buildup and teardown
  • Do most things once


B, C1, C

  • deploy wireless / wired network
  • build-up and tear-down
  • IPv6 / NAT64
  • Colocation
  • Making teh NOC tent a fancy place to chill^M^Mwork hard
  • rescue golf carts from ditches


B, B1, f, k. p (clean)

  • network / power cabling & termination
  • build-up and tear-down
  • transport (have estate car and trailer)
  • lighting
  • have access to mifare card/badge printing facilities
  • assist with camping facilities
  • help out wherever I'm needed

(can only be on-site Friday to Monday, but happy to help weekend before)


B, B+E

  • Get involved. Will help with anything. Very good at 'getting things done'.
  • Connectivity (15 years experience in ISP industry)
  • Power (former event lighting engineer)
  • Transport (have Range Rover and trailer license)
  • Anything else (lots of local knowledge, contacts, etc)

Simon Vans-Colina


  • Anything really
  • Dont have a car, but can drive one if needed.

Dave Wilson

B, B1

  • Most things involving cables - I am also known as SparkyDave, head of site electrics for Profound Decisions LRP events
  • My attendance will be contingent on my employer, Warwicknet, providing the connectivity - in which case they will give me the time off to attend :-)
  • I also have a Defender which I am rather good at using to position trailers/generators/etc on fields
  • I'll muck in with most things, but definitely specialise in electrics and networking.



  • drive a manitou
  • man the HQ
  • do radio
  • organize stuff
  • A/V related stuff
  • all of the above preferably in a supervisory / gophery kinda way
  • build-up / tear-down
  • pick up trash
  • herald a lecture venue
  • driving
  • bar-shifts
  • ...


B,B1 (clean)

  • Anything network related (NOC support, cabling, maintenance etc)
  • Any aspect of site build-up/tear-down
  • Prep work / planning
  • Anything workshop related
  • On-site help/emergency team (someone you can flag down any time/place if you need help)
  • Anything to help out

Big Kate

B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, Blue Badge

  • Heralding/Speaker desk - On the day introduction to events etc
  • Green Room Team:Content - Building a green room
  • Making sure presenters have met there Heralds, hand off process etc
  • Team:Rehash - Assuming its the same crew from OHM
  • Queering the community i.e. LGBT etc community aspects
  • Disability Access issues
  • Build up and tear down
  • (as best I can - given my disabilities)
  • Drive Vehicles - upto 7.5 Tonnes
  • (I have a disabled/ blue badge)
  • (easier parking/ pickup/ drop off)
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Usual gophering type stuff



  • BuildupDue to change of job I can't be there before the Friday now :(
  • Badge Firmware
  • Sysadmin
  • AV/Radio
  • Anything else


B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E

  • Build up and tear down
  • Anything Network / IT / AV related
  • Meet / greet / help
  • Whatever is needed



  • Build up and tear down
  • FULLY SIA LICENSED >>> marshaling
  • bar-shifts
  • Whatever is needed


AM, A, B, B1 (clean)

  • Networking
  • Fire Marshall
  • Bar Work
  • Whatever is needed

Jim MacArthur

  • Build up/tear down
  • Bar Work
  • Whatever is needed


B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, fklnp (a few points)

  • M$ Windows fixing
  • PC/Server hardware engineer
  • Networking
  • Bar Work
  • Driving
  • Whatever is needed


None - but willing ;)

  • Media/Editing stuff (Can provide lend of broadcast-standard video gear if needed, aswell as editing gear)
  • You need an electro-hacker-trippy-ambient DJ? hook me up.
  • Build-up or Tear-down.
  • Heralding.
  • Helping those who are giving talks to get sorted.
  • Help sourcing physical resources for the site.


B,B+E,kfp (clean)

  • Help Deploy wireless / wired network - Anything network related.. I have my own RJ45 Cripmer :p
  • Help with VoIP system if deployed
  • Sysadmin, NOC Help, Server admin
  • Power, Lighting, AV - Part time sound engineer with access to PA systems, AV gear, projectors etc
  • Build-up and tear-down
  • I can loan a PA System
  • can also loan networking/wifi + server equipment if needed, just ask and I might have it.
  • I'll Help with most things, but I specialise in electrics, networking / server admin.



  • NOC
  • WiFi
  • VoIP
  • General networking stuff
  • Anything else
Joe Roberts None
  • Help desk (WiFi connecting, server stuff, techy stuff!)
  • Build up and tear down
  • Talking to people
  • (DBS Approved)
Anything I can possibly do!

Phil Howell

B1, B, f, k, p (clean)

  • Help out with driving (has estate car if helpful)
  • A/V stuff (have PA gear that can be used)
  • Help with networking stuff
  • Whatever is needed

Daniel Fligg

AM, A, B1, B, (f,k,p,q) (clean, since April 08)

  • Enjoys driving
  • Experience running PAs / Bands
  • Networks & Communications (Team:Phone)
  • Lots of marshaling experience.
  • Whatever else is needed

Arran Gallagher


  • Help with the NOC
  • Deploy wireless / wired network
  • Sysadmin
  • Help with build up and tear down
  • Provide assistance to attendees

Ianthe Sutherland


  • Have a first aid certificate so happy to be noted as a first aider
  • Meet & greet
  • Whatever is needed



  • Security/Car Park (EMF 2012 Security Alumnus)
  • Whatever needs doing


A, B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, f, k, l, n, p (clean)

  • Drive minibuses/shuttle people generally
  • Drive pretty much anything on/off road, incl heavy equipment
  • Do Netwerk Shtuff
  • Drive/operate/recover vehicles
  • Design/implement network
  • Provide network switch(es), cables
  • Provide vehicle with tow-bar, if it's useful
  • Provide generator (2.5kVA)



  • Bar Work
  • Sysadmin if needed


B1/B/f/k/p/q (Clean)

  • Where required
  • I volunteer for St John Ambulance and hold advanced first aid quals (Medgasses, AED, spinal, fractures etc). Happy to provide medical cover... May even be able to drag long kit.
  • Whatever needs doing.


B1/B/f/k/p/q (Clean)

  • Drive things
  • Help with infrastructure
  • anything else that needs doing.
  • Help with AV/stage stuff + streaming/recording etc.
  • be friendly face to punters
  • may be available for some of get-in.
  • Whatever else needs doing.


A, B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, f, k, l, n, p (clean)

  • Drive minibuses/shuttle people generally
  • Bar work
  • Pretty much anything within reason


B, C1E, D1E (clean but a scrap of messy old paper)

  • Be local to EMF Bletchley so can help before & poss after
  • Take pictures
  • Sysadmin if needed
  • Be responsible for $offspring1 (Oliver age 11)
  • Pretty much anything within reason (noting offspring requirement)


B, C1E, D1E

  • Networking
  • Bringing a truck that can tow things that will fit onto a NATO hitch
  • Server stuff - Linux and Windoze
  • Pretty much anything technical :)
  • Bringing a generator (at least 4kw), which is thirsty, but useful for emergencies



  • I can be there early that week and help with building up the camp/infrastructure
  • Happy to help out with stewarding and whatever else needs doing during the camp
  • Help with badges if any work is needed



  • Design of any kind
  • Lots of experience builting things, from pouring concrete and other (semi-)permenant building work, through setting up large construcitons of poles, power tool work, down to soldering and expert gaffer tape application.
  • Lots of experience with safer spaces stuff. Especially queer and trans stuff.
  • I'd like to learn more networking stuff?
  • Anything. Skills relativity lacking in electronics and code, especially compared to some of the über nerds.

Ian W


  • First Aider, advanced life support & AED
  • Get in / Get out
  • Power systems (distribution, generators, lighting)
  • Networking, electronics, LASERS, plumbing, drains, code, PA, etc.
  • Getting things done
  • Whatever is needed
  • Dyslexic so keep away from money & number things

Alex H


  • Set up/running festival shop or catering
  • Video recording/editing for events or installations
  • Finance stuff
  • Recycling/trash
  • Build up


A, B (clean)

  • Bar stuff
  • No vehicle, can drive
  • Might be helping out with NottingHack stuff


AM/A/B1/B/f/k/l/n/p/q (clean)

  • Setup, Teardown, Radio, Traffic, Stewarding
  • Software guy but like most people have a home network with the usual collection of cisco routers, linux boxes, etc.
  • Stewarded another festival for a few years so have some experience with dealing with pointing people/cars in the right direction.



  • Networks
  • Bar Work
  • Whatever



  • Assist with radio comms
  • Licenced amateur, member of RAYNET
  • Anything (example: network, power, linux SA, sound/PA, stewarding, litter)
  • (arriving Friday)


Yes, clean, not sure on categories, will update

  • First Aid
  • Fire Marshal
  • I run a company specialising in Linux so anything Linux and Networking
  • Happy to help with anything that makes me useful

Tim Brown aka [machine]

Yes, clean, A/B/B1

  • Setup
  • Teardown
  • I run AS28792
  • I'm Head Of Research at Portcullis - we will likely have a village
  • Anything (example: network, linux SA, stewarding, litter)
  • (can be there from from Thursday-Monday)

Bob Clough

  • Setup
  • Badges
  • Building huge things using scaff pole
  • Networking
  • Welding
  • Gaffering


B (Switzerland)

  • network / power cabling (i'm an electrician)
  • build-up and tear-down
  • Whatever
  • Can be there from Thursday to Monday or Tuesday


B, BE, C1, C1E, D1, D1E, f, k, l, n, p (clean)

  • available for setup
  • I run pubs for a living so can help with setting up the bar
  • anything but drive a minibus all day like last time!

Please do not add your name to this list, it is not being used anymore