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Village: Nottingham Hackspace Village
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Nottingham Hackspace Village

A group of folks from Nottinghack will be bringing a few things to demonstrate and may well be teaching a thing or two. Last year the Hackspace ran some workshops for soldering and had a laser cutter and other tools available.

This year we hope to do the same, plus more...



Air Hockey Robot

The Marvellous Booze Fogger!

Giant ISS tracker arm

Music jamming with Nottinghack Time Band (

Nottinghackers attending

Bigger list here

  1. User:markp
  2. User:Msemtd Michael Erskine
  3. User:matingslinkys Toby Jackson
  4. User:dpslwk Matt Lloyd
  5. Kate Bolin
  6. Rob Hunt
  7. Michelle Strickland
  8. James Fowkes
  9. Ant Godber

AntGodberAnt Godber29 August 2014 12:00:001 September 2014 12:00:00
Dpslwk'RepRap' Matt26 August 2014 11:00:001 September 2014 12:00:00
GeeksAreForLifeJames Hayward29 August 2014 20:30:0025 August 2014Whisky
KatemonkeyKate29 August 201431 August 2014Kinematocinegraph
MellchieMichelle S28 August 20141 September 2014
MsemtdMichael Erskine29 August 2014 17:00:0031 August 2014 19:00:00Banjo, Twisty puzzles, juggling things
RobertRobert Hunt
Semach.the.monkeySpencer29 August 2014 19:00:0031 August 2014 17:00:00

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2014 Village

Last year we were about on the limit of a 16A power supply, could a 32A feed be provided this year?