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# [[User:markp]]
# [[User:markp]]
# [[User:Msemtd]] Michael Erskine
# [[User:Msemtd]] Michael Erskine
# [[User:matingslinkys]] Toby Jackson
= 2014 Village =
= 2014 Village =

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Nottingham Hackspace Village

Last year the Hackspace ran some workshops for soldering and had a laser cutter and other tools available.

This year we hope to do the same, plus more...


Nottinghackers attending

  1. User:markp
  2. User:Msemtd Michael Erskine
  3. User:matingslinkys Toby Jackson

2014 Village

Last year we were about on the limit of a 16A power supply, could a 32A feed be provided this year?