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|name=Michael Erskine
|name=Michael Erskine
|Bringing=Banjo, Twisty puzzles, juggling things
|Arrival=2014/08/29 17:00
|Arrival=2014/08/29 17:00

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Attendee: Michael Erskine
Talk ~ Sandbox ~ Contributions
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Bringing Banjo, Twisty puzzles, juggling things
Arrival 2014/08/29 17:00
Departure 2014/08/31 19:00
Email msemtd@googlemail.com
IRC msemtd
Twitter @msemtd

Michael Erskine (of Nottingham HackSpace)

msemtd = "Michael Stewart Erskine, Mapping Technical Development" my first corporate network user name from the late 80's.

I shall be wandering the fields as a first aider playing banjo and teaching people to solve the Rubik's Cube. My village home of Nottinghack can be contacted for complaints and compliments alike!