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Attendee: Chris Wilkie
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Arrival 2014/08/26 12:30:00 PM
Departure 2014/09/03 10:00:00 AM
IRC bigcw

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Hi! I'm bigcw, aka Chris.

I'm new to EMF. I love the concept and I want to help make it happen again. Can't believe I missed the first one!

I've been in the ISP industry for longer than I care to remember. Used to own NetrinoUK (ISP), wrote the concept for on the back of a beermat. Sold it all, spent a couple of years wasting the profits, and am now a major shareholder in Colocker ( and Electronic Communities Ltd (Hosting consultancy).

I'm local to Milton Keynes so lots of knowledge of the area. Also I have a network in the area (of the IP variety) although I suspect a lot of people do too.

Special skills: Perl, Linux, networks, flying, welding, making things with wheels go faster, getting stuff done.

Contact me...