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==T-2 months==
==T-2 months==
* Power order finalised
* Power order finalised
==T-3 weeks==
* Final timing schedule confirmed
==T-2 weeks==
==T-2 weeks==

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Potential date range: mid-July to mid-September 2014

T-12 months

  • Site selected
  • Date confirmed

T-6 months (but ideally by Nov 2013)

  • Ticket sales open

T-2 months

  • Power order finalised

T-3 weeks

  • Final timing schedule confirmed

T-2 weeks

  • Badge production complete
  • Program/flyers and any other printing works complete

T-1 week

  • Occupation of site


  • 08:00 gates open

T+1 week

  • Organisers finally relax