TiLDA MKe - the dream

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Planning for TiLDA version 2



  • Arduino Compatible
  • Battery powered
  • Screen
  • Audio
  • Wireless
  • Wearable breakout
  • Onboard USB
  • IR comms
  • Built and finished with software 1 month before the Camp

Nice to have

  • Lego connector
  • Accelerometer

The TiLDA mk2 project, Code name "ElectroMagnetic Boogaloo", is being headed by Charles, Bob and 'RepRap' Matt

A initial planing session was help during the Newcastle MakerFarie 2013, during which a list of essential features was decide upon along with a big list of shiny, mad ideas that may happen depending on budge and time.

TiLDA 2/Idea's List