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Team Description Lead Deputy Lead(s)
Team:Admin Top-level organisation, licensing, site planning User:Russ User:Jonty
Team:Finance Dealing with the money User:Russ
Team:Power All things power User:Benny Will H
Team:NOC Networking Will H
Team:Web Web sites, ticket sales, volunteering, and CfP systems Mark User:JasperWallace (probably?)
Team:Content Organising talks/workshops/etc User:Jonty
Team:Bar Booze, and such User:Russ
Team:First Aid Making sure we don't kill ourselves Oni
Team:Catering Organising food providers Nick User:JasperWallace (maybe?)
Team:InfoDesk Providing information during the event ?
Team:Volunteering Managing volunteers across all stages ? Nick/Lyndsey/Kate
Team:Spawn Managing the kids area, activities, and childminding ?
Team:AV Audio. Video. Streaming. That kind of thing. ?
Team:Shiny Site decoration, lights, installations. Shiny things. ? User:Jonty
Team:Badge Badge building, and infrastructure. LWK Bob/User:Jonty