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Network Operations Centre

This team needs volunteers


Team:NOC is responsible for the entire network infrastructure at the event. This includes all hardware, cabling, wifi, ethernet, IP and so on.

Current State

Working on the uplink, checking line of sight, developing the camp network, begging equipment.


We don't need a lot of help during the event - by Friday morning, all the work will be done, the network will be up and operating perfectly!

If you'd like to help, we really need help in the set-up and tear-down. Particularly, we need people who are willing to run cables and crimp RJ45 ends on Wednesday and Thursday prior, and remove all the cabling on the Monday after. Other than that, we are good, and we don't need any volunteers during the event.

Team members

(refresh table)

Arrival time coordination

Who Arriving Leaving Notes
User:davidc Mon 25th Evening Tues 2nd Morning Have a hotel for Monday night for an early start
User:YetiFiasco Wed 27th Evening Mon 1st Evening Bringing a campervan, can collect gear/people if its between portsmouth<->emf
User:JasperWallace Tue 26th Morning Tue 2nd at some point
AK47 Wed 27th Evening Tues 2nd Morning Can be there earlier if needed.
User:markp Thu 28th Evening Mon 1st PM Camping Thu-Mon, will gladly crimp, unspool and respool cables.

(Used to do network cabling in a previous life, will bring tools)

danrl Tue 25th Mon 1st Let's get those fibers into the dirt and run IPv6 on them!
User:Mat Tue 26th Morning Tue 2nd Morning Am local. May well visit Bank Holiday Monday :)