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Network Operations Centre

This team needs volunteers


Team:NOC is responsible for the entire network infrastructure at the event. This includes all hardware, cabling, wifi, ethernet, IP and so on.

Current State

Working on the uplink, checking line of sight, developing the camp network, begging equipment.


We don't need a lot of help during the event - by Friday morning, all the work will be done, the network will be up and operating perfectly!

If you'd like to help, we really need help in the set-up and tear-down. Particularly, we need people who are willing to run cables and crimp RJ45 ends on Wednesday and Thursday prior, and remove all the cabling on the Monday after. Other than that, we are good, and we don't need any volunteers during the event.

Please make sure you add a

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box to your wiki profile, as we are using this to coordinate arrival/departure times.

Team members

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