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Hxx lounge.jpg

At EMF Camp the lounge will be a place for people to relax away from the activity of villages, talks and workshops. there will be power and internet for your devices, and a comfy setting with tables and beanbags for you to sit and socialise with people.

A space of the same ilk that was at OHM2013 (alt) and the HXX tent that was at the previous CCC Camp.


  • Obey the rules of EMF Camp
  • No shoes on the carpet


The tent will be themed in a nautical style. The Lounge team are seeking extra person(s) to help with setup and ideas for decoration. Poke amran if you'd like to help.

You can assume there will be

  • a carpet
  • bean bags
  • small tables
  • lamps for the tables
  • LEDs (from OHM2013)

Deco ideas

Lounge interior

Stuff to sit on

  • Mattresses x 10 (or more) ->
    • Local pillow maker? Fabric person who has dummy mattresses? Ebay/people getting rid of old ones?



  • one or two bright lamps behind the bar


  1. 15 white or neutral tights, size doesnt matter
  2. 30 glow in the dark balls:
    1. OR led balls:

Other useful stuff

  • Signs, made of wood or printed, saying:
    • No Shoe zone (minimal 2 signs, for every entrance)
    • No smoking inside
    • Dead Man's Chest shoe store (an old ottoman, dark stained with old belts glued to it?)
  • An idea for an arty/tech installation.Would there be a projector available to us? And a raspberry pie kicking around, or something. We could set it up to show twitter #messageinabottle and get peope to tweet at it from the lounge?

Neither are things I have access to. We could project it onto the side of the tent and put a giant bottle cut out on it?


  • A (fake)sail on the ceiling, LEDs strung across the top of the tent and billowing thin fabric draped across the top to simulate stars through the sails of a ship.(Could also be done as a feature one end of the tent.)
  • A sailor behind the bar
  • Small Deck Area - made from pallets, for people who can't sit on the floor.
  • 'Decorative Fishing Net' with decorated cardboard fish using some recycled materials(made in advance!)
  • Backdrops painted nautical themed murals (done in advance)
  • Seabirds hanging from ceiling

To deco the lights:

  1. packet of coloured paper / vinyl
    1. amount: 30 xA4
    2. colour: red and/or blue and/or mixed
  2. Scissors x 5
  3. Glue, heat-resistant, crafting glue will do.

To cut out nautical shapes, like a lighthouse, boat or steering wheel : /

  1. Cardboard OR styrofoam
    1. if possible minimal 1m x 1m, preferable bigger.
  2. Knives (or we use the scissors)
  3. Paint, if non-spray-paint incl brushes
    1. Colour: brown or black. If we have lots of money also white, red and blue
    2. Amount, depending on the cardboard/styrofoam

Also: cardboard to cut out birds and hang from the ceiling

  1. Same preferences as above
  2. rope, lots of rope to hang stuff with. Like a big ball of


Please list (with link, and quantity) what supplies you require. Preferably, all from the same supplier though I don't mind going to other places for special items.

In the interests of keeping things from the same supplier and simplicity and using the list of supplies needed from the below poster I have put together a list of links to items from wilkos who will deliver. (There are a few things that we can't get from them they are listed below).

  • Paint Brushes

  • Carboard
    • Might be best to get this free, e.g. wine boxes at supermarkets etc but

Archive box, £3, 36x31x26cm-

  • Glue
    • Massive 2.5l PVA (porous to porous surfaces, seals and bonds paper, cardboard, carpet and wood.)

    • Glue Dots for smaller projects


1. minimal 10 meters 2. 12mm x 6m for rope entrance

    • Jolly Roger flag

1. (I have no idea if a feet is big) Decorative Nets can be found here: