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* bean bags
* bean bags
* small tables
* small tables
* lamps for the tables
* LEDs (from OHM2013)
* LEDs (from OHM2013)

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Hxx lounge.jpg

There will be a lounge tent at EMF Camp. A space of the same ilk that was at OHM2013 (alt) and the HXX tent that was at the previous CCC Camp.

You will be able to relax there, talk and generally lounge about.


  • Obey the rules of EMF Camp
  • No shoes on the carpet


The tent will be themed in a nautical style. The Lounge team are seeking extra person(s) to help with setup and ideas for decoration. Poke amran if you'd like to help.

You can assume there will be

  • a carpet
  • bean bags
  • small tables
  • lamps for the tables
  • LEDs (from OHM2013)

Deco ideas

Lounge interior

Stuff to sit on

  • Mattresses x 10 (or more) ->
    • Local pillow maker? Fabric person who has dummy mattresses? Ebay/people getting rid of old ones?



  • one or two bright lamps behind the bar

Other useful stuff

  • Signs, made of wood or printed, saying:
    • No Shoe zone (minimal 2 signs, for every entrance)
    • No smoking inside


  • A sailor behind the bar