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Liaising with UCL/Nipperbout for management of the kids area, activities, and childminding.

Services Provided by Nipperbout

Créche Opening Times

The créche will be open from 10:00-20:00 all three days of EMF Camp and operated by 9 members of staff.

Staff Ratios

Up to 40 children can be cared for by Nipperbout at a time, with a maximum of 4 under 2 years old. There will be an effective booking-in system for when the crèche is full which enables the public to return at a specified time.

Nipperbout staff ratios are as follows:

  • Children aged 0 – 23 months = 2 children:1 adult
  • Children aged 2yrs = 3 children: 1 adult
  • Children aged 3yrs and above = 5 children:1 adult.

Please note children who do not attend main stream settings MUST have one to one care and it is advisable to supply a break away room for autistic or ADHD children.

Other Details

Nipperbout would run a timetable of activities to include sessions of art and craft, face painting, drama, music, circus skill workshops and parachute games within the crèche.

No food can be taken into the créche, with the exception of baby food.

Nipperbout requires up to 4 hours build-up time before an event and will need to carry out their ‘get-in’ the day before the event starts. They will require 2.5 hours to tear down.


  • Under 8 years need to be accompanied by adult
  • DBS checked adult will be present at all times
  • No volunteer or workshop leader to be alone with children without second adult present
  • Maximum capacity of 20 kids though some workshops are restricted to fewer
  • No workshops scheduled from 13:00-14:00



  • Nipperbout will have 2 tents - a 9 x 9m and 6 x 9m tent joined together. These two tents will be fenced off, including enclosed outdoor space. Nipperbout will have complete control over access to the area.
  • Nipperbout will provide all furniture for their tents.
  • Nipperbout will have marked priority access to one toilet and wash basin nearby. They will provide signs.


  • The Nanotech Workshop Tent will be a single 6 x 9m tent with standard lighting and flooring. 30 power points to be provided.
  • Nipperbout will provide all furniture for the tent.
  • When no workshops are running in the Nanotech Tent, the tent is open and available for family-friendly activities.