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Safe spaces, accessibility, conflict resolution

This team needs volunteers

(We're still busy with early preparations, but will soon document our team and activities here. In the meantime you can contact us at comfort at if you have any questions.)

The Team

Name User Role Interests
Jane Team lead
martind User:martind Deputy Mediation, conflict resolution
(your name here)

Safe spaces

EMF is taking everyone's comfort and well-being seriously. We already know from our last event that our community is kind, curious, and considerate. However with every large social group there may be misunderstandings and disagreements, and we want to ensure that everyone can find the support they need to feel safe. This year we have a clear Code of Conduct (which we may refine as we learn more), and our team members are experienced and level-headed individuals who are always open for a chat.

Since this is the first time we have a Comfort team we're starting things slowly and not become too ambitious too quickly. We are currently investigating whether we can make a dedicated safe space tent available, however it is possible that this may not be the case. Instead we would then try and identify alternative options.

As part of our activities we also want to be in close contact with a number of key teams who address related concerns -- First Aid, Infodesk, and others. Do approach us for a chat!



Conflict resolution



TODO: misc background reading (need to collect from our internal discussions)