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Thank you for coming to EMF 2014. Please do the following:

Thank you to everyone who gave a talk. If you didn't, then you should start thinking about what you could talk about at EMF 2016. The talk and workshop schedule can be found here.

There is a list of talks below, including links to resources from the talks and videos when available. If you gave a talk, please add anything which people light like to look back at (eg. suggested reading/resources, links to books on Amazon, templates for making anything you talked about).

Recorded talks are currently being edited/worked with to be uploaded to Youtube, etc. They are large files and it is a long, manual process. So please be patient while they're handled.

Past EMF Camp talks are available on EMF 2012 Stage A EMF 2012 Stage B


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Resources
EMF 2014 Opening ceremony Jonty Wareing
High Altitude Ballooning Adam Greig
The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science Zoe Cormier Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll (Amazon)
Games Minus Industry David Hayward
How to be an Effective Terrorist: fear and loathing in cyber security Dr Jessica Barker
Hacking the ZX Spectrum Ben Heck
The three main parties railroaded the Data Retention Act through in a week. Where does the fightback begin? Tom Watson MP Dial M for Murdoch (Amazon)
Showing keys in public: What could possibly go wrong? Jos Weyers
Gasman's ZX Spectrum Chiptune Extravaganza Matt Westcott
Dermot Jones plays Spanish guitar Dermot Jones
Live coded techno Yaxu (Alex McLean) Software used was Tidal. More on live coding, algorave

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Resources
How Many Bugs Can a Time Server Have? Mike Emery & Tim Brown
Tastes Great, Less Wordy: Document Natural Language Processing (for Beer) Ben Fields
Not Safe For Work: Industrial Control System Security bsb
The Making Of The·Grid Adam Greig, David Turner
How buying multiple train tickets can be much cheaper than one Matthew Somerville
Amateur Radio: The Original Nerd Hobby! Ryan Sayre Slide Deck
The ZX Spectrum - a secret history Matt Westcott

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Resources 
BaseBot Tom Oinn
The Security of the Internet of Things José Díez
Cryptris Scary Boots
Can open data help save the world? Gavin Starks
Lightning Talks
Fuzzy Fuzzy Logic Joe Nash


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Resources
Perfect session management in privacy-sensitive web applications Elger ""Stitch"" Jonker
Materials and Makers Deb Chachra
UCL Family Geek Showoff
Build your own quadrotor from scratch Gavan Fantom
Alex Through The Looking Glass: How Life Reflects Numbers and Numbers Reflect Life Alex Bellos Alex's Adventures in Numberland (Amazon) Alex Through the Looking Glass (Amazon)
5 Scientific Tools That'll Blow Your Mind DC
We don't need no stinkin' tension wrenches Rob Wiegertjes Submit lockpicking goofs
How we spent a year building a spaceship simulator in a caravan Tom Wyatt
Reading Hitler's Mind: Bletchley Park and The First Computer PJ Evans
An Operator's Guide to the Enigma Cipher Machine Simon Singh The Code Book (Amazon)
UCL Geek Showoff
Fakebit Polytechnic Dave Green & Dave Pape
The 55th Flotilla (Live) The 55th Flotilla
2xAA plays his Game Boy 2xAA
The 55th Flotilla (DJ set)

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Resources
What do we have in Computers? Tom Hall
LaserTag - How Quasar works Michael Turner
Emojli: How we accidentally built an app and why we never want to build one again. Matt Gray, Tom Scott YouTube
The Archers Avoider Libby Miller
Introduction to Information Security and Privacy Arjen Kamphuis
Beyond Materials: Invisibility and Perfect Imaging Dr Saul J. Wiggin
How to stand for Parliament James Smith
Where Games Break Hannah Nicklin Where Games Break
Hacking and healthcare Amran
Vandalising your Github commit history for fun and profit Sam Pikesley Slides, Uncle Clive, Pokrovsky
Learning to Make – How I built an electromechanical display and taught myself basic electronics Tom Lynch Slides
MEGA GIRP George Buckenham

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Resources
The Dilemmas of Sci-Fi (And How They're Dealt With) Ashton Clarke
The digital democracy dream Dan Jellinek
Mesh Your Brain Alex (Merlin) Glowaski
Hackerspaces and Diversity Amran Interfaces - for solving modern hackerspace issues, amx109 (twitter)
Walt Disney World: This was supposed to be the future Dan W
The softprinter Tom Myers
How to use Twilio in ten minutes flat
Programming for impostors and scientists Jane Charlesworth
Make metal castings from 3D Printed Moulds Calum Douglas
SimPrints: Low-cost fingerprint scanners for the developing world SimPrints
Lightning Talks
Multicast experiment: Who's on?
Security Quiz! Elger ""Stitch"" Jonker "


Stage A

Title Speaker Video Resources
Point Of Sale Device tricks: You could…live for free! Greg Fragkos
Recreational Maths in a Field: Flexagons, Folding Tube Maps & Braiding Matthew Scroggs Write up
Telling stories about tech Alice Bell
History of Rocketry Jon London
Glass music, the nervous system, mesmerism and the threshold of beauty and harmony Erica MacArthur
My Container Ship Holiday Slideshow Dan W
Hacking biometric security Nigel K Tolley
Miracle cures, superpowers and the zombie apocalypse Christopher Binny
Collaborative Science Fiction Film made at EMF MISS ALIA SHEIKH
Demoscene Showcase Crypt and Rebelli0n
EMF 2014 retrospective: What did we do right?
EMF 2014 Closing ceremony Jonty Wareing
Singer-Songwriter Hannah Howe Hannah Howe
Gasman's ZX Spectrum Chiptune Extravaganza Part II Matt Westcott
Experimental/Noise DJ-Set/Performance MusicaDispersa

Stage B

Title Speaker Video Resources
Why are computers so @#!*, and what can we do about it? Peter Sewell slides
Hexayurts, Distributed Infrastructure, and Maximizing Global Minimalism Vinay Gupta YouTube
A brief guide to dog behaviour and human interaction Stuart Livings Magnet Link
Zoë Star; Neurotic IoT Machines from an Alternate Reality Rachel Rayns
Disruptive disintermediation: selling open digital health services to the NHS Carl Reynolds
Robotics and Computer Vision with MATLAB and Simulink Owen McAree
USB tinkering for hackers and makers Dominic Spill slides project page
Evading Anti-virus Mark A Williams
Trials and tribulations of a badge project Matt Lloyd
DDD: Disney Driven Development Melinda Seckington
Q&A on Physical Security with the worlds greatest lock hackers Jos Weyers, Nigel K Tolley
EMF network in a field 2014 David Croft, Will Hargrave

Stage C

Title Speaker Video Resources
How to catch a cat burglar with a Slice of Pi Derek Scuffell
Minimal effort web application security (a.k.a. how to make my job harder) Graham Sutherland
A look at Linux containers, what they do and what they don't David Leadbeater
Run your own infrastructure II
Our Data, Ourselves Giles Greenway
Machine learning and its use in creepy internet stalking Maria Han Veiga
Open Space Projects Stephanie Pau
bach.js, an unhistory of how the great Baroque composer pioneered Javascript, 250 years before Netscape even existed James Aylett
Lightning Talks
Surreal Numbers And Mathematical Games Tom Hall slides on Google Docs
Security Quiz!


Title Speaker Video Resources
Make your own titanium spork Richard Sewell manufacturing steps and tool list photos of the results
Off-grid solar PV Matt Little Solar PV worksheet

Battery worksheet