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The biggest issue for EMF is to find a good site. Here are our requirements, in order of priority:

  • At least 3-8 hectares/8-15 acres/0.03-0.06 sq km (this should fit at least 1500 people but this isn't indicative of our planned capacity)
  • Good access for setup vehicles (no low bridges, for example)
  • Ability to get a good internet connection (1 gigabit+) (but please let us know of any potential sites and we can work this out)
  • Pleasant enough you actually want to spend time there
  • Good transport links
  • Near largish shops (e.g. large Tesco)
  • Some kind of water supply/sewage connection
  • Well drained
  • Space for parking

We don't care about:

  • Existing electricity supply (it's probably more hassle than providing it ourselves)

Candidate Sites

Site Name Details
Colerne Airfield, Wiltshire (nr Bath) Owned by a company of a friend of London Hackspace
Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate Site of the Great Yorkshire Show which has massive farm equipment so access is probably fine. Has event spaces, big outside areas, loads of parking. Sainsburys effectively on site. From memory, drainage is OK.
Turnpost Farm, Leicestershire Location of Glastonbudget. About 4 miles from Loughborough. Not sure of parking and amenities, but Glastonbudget has about 12,000 people so likely to be plenty of space if we can use some of that as car park