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See also: Villages:Amateur Radio


During EMF the following contests will be running

Special Event Station

Paul (M0OKE) has applied for an NoV for a special call sign for a special event station, GB2EMF. The question is whether enough people want to operate to keep the station going for the bulk of the weekend. It's unlikely that anybody wants to spend a significant proportion of their weekend running the special event station.

Talk In

Talk in has been suggested on 2/70 on Friday. Operator(s) required. Assuming 145.550 MHz.

Modes & Bands

Steve M0SPN intends to run Voice, PSK and SSTV on HF. VHF/UHF dependent on availability of masts and beams.

Local Clubs

Milton Keynes ARS (MKARS) are literally just up the road from the campsite


It would be very cool to have a dedicated on-site repeater just for EMF. The practicality wouldn't be too difficult -- M0RND can provide a 2m/70cm colinear (which might be able to be hosted on the main EMF mast), and there's no shortage of radios which can do cross-band repeat, or something could be lashed up with two Baofeng UV-B5 radios and a diplexer.

The awkward part would be getting an NoV for the repeater, and getting it in time for EMF.




Milton Keynes has its own repeaters, too. Coverage to be confirmed, but GB7BP looks promising, but is DIGITAL. So is probably not much use for us.


A list of people who may or may not be going and may or may not be interested in doing things related to amateur radio.

  • David M0TNR `Cillian' (is going, can bring some radio goodies, but doesn't want to dedicate all weekend to it)
  • Adam M0RND
  • Colin G8TMV
  • Paul M0OKE
  • Jon M0JSN
  • Gavan 2E0UND
  • Steve M0SPN (TCMSLP on #emfcamp)
  • Kai DB1SQU (SQUelcher on IRC)


Task Owner(s) Notes
Village/Station tgreer? Organisation of tent, power, network
Radios (tbc) Supply of HF/VHF/UHF gear1
Mast(s) (tbc) Supply of masts, rotator?2 * Tgreer has 12m push up mast on his landrover * Hopefully LHS's trailer mast will be ready for then. [1]
Operators see 3 People volunteering to rotate operation/manning of station
Special Event Call Paul M0OKE Request submitted
QSL Cards Steve M0SPN Assistance required 4
GB2RS News (no owner) Submit event summary to RSGB news
Southgate ARC (no owner) Submit event summary to SARC news
TX Factor Steve M0SPN Initial contact made (to be passed to jontyw if successful)
Promo Material Steve M0SPN Initial contact made with RSGB, Kenwood, Yaseu, Icom, Moonraker, ML&S

1 Steve M0SPN has TS450S & PSU available

2 Cillian (possible V/UHF yagis), tgreer (possible landrover/mast)

3 Steve M0SPN + ... ?

4 can deliver in 1-2 weeks, £50 for 250 cards