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General lockpicking fun. For all ages and abilities. Come with your own locks and picks, or borrow ours!  +
People from London Hackspace  +
the restaurant at the end of the universe  +
people who live, or wished they live, in N19. Except Remy, because he isn't coming.  +
All the awesome - right here  +
Friends of the Open Data Institute  +
Recovering OS/2 developers from London  +
Oxford Hackspace  +
A village for the paulstock gang to camp together.<br> Paulstock was a very small music festival in a field near milton keynes.<br> This year we are attending EMF instead!  +
Where all of those attending from Portcullis Computer Security Limited will be staying.  +
Mainly made up of techies from Positive Internet Ltd. We are into Linux / Open Source, cloud hosting and <del>buzzword hating</del> anti-buzzword loving.  +
We are are representing hackers and makers from Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.  +
A village for members/friends of Reading Hackspace  +
A village for Scroggs family members and friends.  +
Seriouscat is serious. #seriousemf inhabitants and friends. (We are less serious than the name may suggest)  +
Electronics and hardware maker geeks from Sheffield. 3D printing, arduino, raspberry pi, robotics and lots of other interesting stuff!  +
South London Makerspace has been open for less than a year but we have amassed a small army to come to EMFCamp.  +
Hackers from Leipzig's sublab Hackerspace  +
A small group of attendees from SHH  +
If you've got a teardrop trailer or would like to build one please visit.  +