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Fisherman's Founders Friends  +
Hackers from Aberdeen's First Hackerspace 57North. Coming from the frozen North with Club Mate and Whisky  +
ham radio at its finest.  +
For Bristol Hackspace and its friends and associates  +
The Cambridge Makespace in a field.  +
Awesome demo party within EMF  +
A village of the finest nerds from Scotland's first hackerspace. Probably with LEDs.  +
A group of computing geeks and drunkards from Leeds (not part of the hackspace) coming down to have some fun and learn some geekery.  +
We are running a phone network in a field.  +
A small village for the Goodman and Chong families, split between the campervan and camping fields  +
We are the autonomous hackerspace in Oslo. We do wearables, mechanics, electronics, fabrication, automatisation, creative recycling, socioeconomix, telecomix, 2600 style chipmonk, filtering, bass waves, heavy metal works, language wars, high voltage, biohacking, cypherpunk, cryptoparties, hsync and vsync, radio, code zen, free software, permaculture, social engineering, quantum fiziks, particle bendage and data love.  +
Hack Hitchin's Village  +
Makers and tinkerers from Wales  +
This is a joint venture between Leeds, Manchester, York and Lancaster Hackspaces.  +
People who mostly have some involvement with high altitude ballooning and the UK high altitude society.  +
a small village for folks organising the lounge to camp together. nothing else going on here  +
Come learn about the invisible infrastructures that support modern society.  +
A place for Irish Hackers and friends of Ireland to call home during EMF Camp  +
Laser cutters, set up and running in a field.  +
LinuxBierWanderung!  +
General lockpicking fun. For all ages and abilities. Come with your own locks and picks, or borrow ours!  +
People from London Hackspace  +
the restaurant at the end of the universe  +
people who live, or wished they live, in N19. Except Remy, because he isn't coming.  +
All the awesome - right here  +
Friends of the Open Data Institute  +
Recovering OS/2 developers from London  +
Oxford Hackspace  +
A village for the paulstock gang to camp together.<br> Paulstock was a very small music festival in a field near milton keynes.<br> This year we are attending EMF instead!  +
Where all of those attending from Portcullis Computer Security Limited will be staying.  +
Mainly made up of techies from Positive Internet Ltd. We are into Linux / Open Source, cloud hosting and <del>buzzword hating</del> anti-buzzword loving.  +
We are are representing hackers and makers from Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas.  +
A village for members/friends of Reading Hackspace  +
A village for Scroggs family members and friends.  +
Seriouscat is serious. #seriousemf inhabitants and friends. (We are less serious than the name may suggest)  +
Electronics and hardware maker geeks from Sheffield. 3D printing, arduino, raspberry pi, robotics and lots of other interesting stuff!  +
South London Makerspace has been open for less than a year but we have amassed a small army to come to EMFCamp.  +
Hackers from Leipzig's sublab Hackerspace  +
A small group of attendees from SHH  +
If you've got a teardrop trailer or would like to build one please visit.  +
It's too small to be a village, so it's a hamlet where we'll be building, tinkering and wiring stuff up.  +
An unconference in a camp  +
Just because you're at a campsite doesn't mean you should spend any time away from a console.  +
We are Awesome, we park where we damn well please!  +
Village for women and non-binary people to camp, cook and chat together and feel a bit more secure.  +