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We will be providing a high speed onsite network with blanket wireless coverage and wired network access to both venues and camping tents.


Uplink from the campsite is currently being arranged. Details will be announced when firm.


The following SSIDs will be available:

  • emfcamp
    • This is 5GHz and should you should use this one in preference, if you can see it.
  • emfcamp-2.4ghz
    • This is 2.4GHz and less resistant to interference, use it only if you have to.
  • emfcamp-staticip
    • You should use this only if you have obtained a static IP from the Team:InfoDesk.
  • spacenet
    • We have not yet determined whether Spacenet will be supported.

Be aware that all SSIDs are unencrypted and you should encrypt any sensitive traffic sent over the air to prevent snooping.

Encrypt your traffic via either a VPN or SSH tunnelling. We have airtime fairness configured on our wireless controllers, so if you wish to download large files please use a wired connection (there will be plenty about).

Camping area and workshops

All camping areas will be within 60m of a Datenklo (Data Toilet), please bring around 60-70m of CAT5 cable. Unless a sponsor comes forward for it, we will be unable to supply cable on site. We will be budgeting only for the infrastructure requirements and necessary spares to deal with issues.

Lay your own cable neatly from your tent back to the nearest Datenklo, and leave 6m of slack coiled on the floor in front of it. At regular intervals a member of the NOC team will connect it up and enable the port.

All of our edge ports are 10/100, some support PoE (802.3af), plus Auto-MDX.


  • Be nice and friendly! Do not do to others what you do not wish done to yourself.
  • Protect your computer! We cannot be taken responsible or held accountable for any damage your devices might sustain due to security problems, power spikes and other such perils.
  • Please do not operate your own WiFi access point, our wireless solution includes 'CleanAir' technology and has rogue access point detection. * If you are operating anything else in the 2.4GHz spectrum, please clear the frequencies in advance with us.
  • Do not attempt to run a DHCP or RA server. You will be found and named and shamed!
  • Cabling from your tent to the data toilets must not cross any roads.
  • If you are connecting a Nanode / Arduino Ethernet / other microcontroller to the network please make sure it is using a unique MAC address. Many of the code examples for such devices use an identical MAC address and this will cause problems - if you aren't sure contact the InfoDesk.

If you break these rules, we will track you down or triangulate you, but we'd rather spend the time maintaining the smooth operation of the network, so please don't waste our time.


Can I bring a server?

Yes, though we would rather these were stored centrally in our NOC. This allows us to provision power easily and you also get the added benefit of connecting directly to our core and having UPS backup. If you intend to bring a server please email so we can fully understand your requirements prior to the event.

We have not yet determined whether we will be able to provide colocation space for servers, but we would like to in order to save bandwidth on the extensive site network. If this will be helpful for you, please e-mail

Team Internet

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