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For information to listeners, check out the main page.

This is our "to do" lists. Please add and check off as needed.

Important, all be it a little dull

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Find lots of LEGAL music to play (we don't have a licence so we need CC/copyfree music) lots please help James (please gimme a hand) Ongoing
Make my collection of cc music available (several gigs) gmc
Find sound effects for funnness James (please gimme a hand) Ongoing

Social and Recruitment

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Spread the word on social media James Will begin this weekend
Ask people to do a show James Will begin today

Streaming, networking & tech

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Get local Icecast2(?) server set up Ciaran Ongoing
Get remote Icecast2(?) server set up James & Ciaran Ongoing
Get streaming (liquidsoap?) uplink setup gmc
Set up archiving on the uplink system gmc
Setup Now playing meta data stream (from playout to user)
Setup share to get recorded video from stages gmc On Site job

Studio setup (before event)

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Setup Competa playout software on a machine that won't break James To be done soon

Studio setup (on site)

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Set up studio equipment (desks, mics, ..) User:gmc & James & Ciaran to be done


What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Pack up studio equipment User:gmc, James & Ciaran to be done

Post event

What Who Status (blank, "ongoing", or "complete")
Edit, seed and upload audio archives