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Studio and Audio

What Who (blank if still needed) On site
Mixer: Allen & Heath XB14 (broadcast mixer) James August 28
Mixer: XENYX X2442USB User:gmc August 24
Mixer: XENYX X2222USB User:gmc August 24
DJ playout machine (MIXXX) User:gmc August 24
DJ playout machine (Competa) James August 28
Yamaha MSP3 x2 (awesome mini monitor speaker) James August 28
Streaming and recording machine (laptop) User:gmc August 24
~12 mics User:gmc August 24
Alessi compressor/limiter User:gmc August 24
Four-channel headphone amp User:gmc August 24
30 meter 12-way snake (XLR) User:gmc August 24
XLR / jack / cinch / RCA cables and convertors from everything to everything User:gmc August 24
Microphone stands (hacked ikea desk lamps) User:gmc August 24
2x Yamaha HS7 Monitors User:micky August 28
Alesis Multimix 8 Mixer User:micky August 28
Akai MPD26 MIDI Controller User:micky August 28


What Who (blank if still needed) On site
Sign for outside tent
"On Air" and/or "Mic" light