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EMFM will broadcast live from EMF 2014. A 24/7 mix of talk radio, leisure, entertainment and insanity.

Check out this page for the live stream and additional news during the event.

If you {want to be,are} part of the radio crew, check out EMFM crew information.


Show Description Contact
c-radar 2 hrs, 1/3 music, 2/3 voice mcfly
/dev/random daily one hour show with highlights from the camp and interesting guests, larded with musical interludes gmc
computercomputer computer amx109
emm ElectroMagnetic Mix - live electronic music made with found sounds from around EMF tom
Someone is Wrong on the Internet A slightly light hearted look at tech culture today including sketches and a little discussion. Alistair


Please see EMFM_Schedule

2012 archive

To get a taste of what to expect, check out the EMFM 2012 archive (torrent).