Collaborative Storytelling

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Children able to write short sentences (or accompanied by a parent or guardian who can help them write) will be arranged in a circle and each given an oversized sheet of paper. After writing the first sentence for their story they pass it to the next child who writes the second sentence and folds over the top of the paper, making it impossible to see the first sentence before passing the sheet on to have the third sentence written by the next child. Each child is only able to see the sentence before theirs and not the rest of the back story as they write the next part of the collaborative stories. When the papers get back to the original owners, they can read what the results are in turn.




11:30-12:30 Sunday


Nanotechs Workshops Tent in the Kids Area

What You Need to Bring

You don't need to bring anything, just remember to sign up ahead of time!

Workshop Leader

Jessica Rose