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If you are planning on driving and have space consider offering a space to a fellow hacker, add a new row below with the time you're planning to leave and arrive, number of available seats.

If you want to bring anything large consider asking first to make sure there is room in the car.

Offered By From/To Date/Time of Travel Spaces Available Taken By
Example User Somewhere/Elsewhere 29th 17:00 - 31st - 09:00 2 seats person1 person2
BugBlue (talk) Arnhem, NL v.v. ask me - ask me 1, 2 or 3 seats depending on shipping ?
NAB Coventry/Solihull/Warwick 29th Aug to 3rd Sep (tearing down) 3
Richardkemp Southend area, Essex Friday midday - Monday morning 3
Oly Kenton (near wembley) Friday morning - Monday morning 2 2 taken
Reenigne North Cornwall Friday morning - Monday morning 2 or 3
Edinburgh Hacklab (Timvik) Edinburgh Friday morning - Monday morning minibus - please ask
SupraJames Swindon Friday AM ish - Sunday PM saloon car
Guffer East Northants Daytrip Tue/Wed and then stay from Thur AM to Late Mon PM. Going right past the coachway at M1 J14. 1 or 2 depending how much kit yer brung. Have Family hatch so fair amount of room
Andreas Clapham Junction Friday AM -> Monday AM 2 (depending on kit) 2 taken
Andy Low (Skype Dr.Evil.PhD or Fleet Hampshire (20 mile radius?) Friday or Saturday -- Sunday or Monday (undecided / negotiate) 1 seat - it's a small car (Morgan) London heathrow 28th ~14:30 plan to take a cab to the camp site. wanne join?
clayalien ( Central London. Quick detour to pick 2 up in Cambridge. Friday morning - Monday morning. 1 seat. Possibly 2 if you don't have much gear and are happy to sit in the middle. Ford Mondeo, so boot space is generous, but not infinite. 1 taken. Middle seat and luggage space available.
Wanted By From/To Date/Time of Travel Comments
Adam ( Bristol/Bath Area (or be picked up on the way) Preferably Friday
Silver ( Center London / Center London Thursday or Friday - Monday morning arriving @stansted_airport 10.30am Thursday / leaving @stansted_airport 2.15pm Monday (any good way to get to Milton Keynes from stansted?)
Greg M4j14 or Reading (near the station) - both/either from and to Friday morning up - Monday afternoon back