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Village: Teardrop Trailer(s) on Tour

Description If you've got a teardrop trailer or would like to build one please visit.
Contact User:Steve Davies or Chris Pegler
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Did you know that the film short 'Grand Day Out' (Wallace and Grommit) was inspired by Nick's Dad having built his own caravan one year? Building your own caravan used to be more popular and building a micro-caravan means that you can tow with a smaller car and keep it in a garage.

A teardrop trailer could be described as a bed on wheels with a kitchen at the back in 'chuckwagon' style - i.e. open to the fresh air. Smaller, shorter and cuter than a caravan you can build one for less than £500. (We've known someone who built his for £200 but he was from Yorkshire). There is no better way to recycle the scrap caravan dumped at the end of your drive. :-)


Tour and talk about the teardrop trailer - mainly Steve.

Advice/Help on braiding your own lanyard (or spinning wool if that is not riveting enough) - mainly Chris.

We are EMF newbies so come and say hello. Please.