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Village: Cambridge Makespace
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Description The Cambridge Makespace in a field.
Contact User:Pinski1
Web Site
Activities 3D Printers (Plastic & fabric), Combat Robots
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We are Showing:

  • Makerbot Cupcake - modified
  • Prusa i3
  • 13.6Kg combat robot
  • Fabric 3D printer

Whos coming?

AlecjwAlec Wright
ChrisAbriChris Abri29 August 2014 10:00:0031 August 2014 14:00:00
FoolsDelightMilosch Meriac29 August 2014 10:00:0031 August 2014RGB
JCGSJohn Sturdy29 August 20141 September 2014
JennyJenny29 August 20141 September 2014
Kim SJKim Spence-Jones29 August 2014 11:30:001 September 2014 10:30:00"Badger" people-labelling from RFID tags, Raspberry Pi node.js stuff
Pinski1Robert K.28 August 2014 09:00:0031 August 2014 18:00:00
TobymToby Moncaster
TomTom Oinn8 August 2014 14:00:0011 August 2014 11:00:00

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More Info

See the Cambridge Makespace EMF Camp wiki page: