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Have a small arcade at EMF

tldr: I was wanting to bring arcades and pinball to EMF. Costs are horrifically expensive. Do people actually want the machines there and is anyone able/willing to help me out?

After getting back from helping North East Retro Gaming's second event (Photo's here), I had the crazy idea of bringing some arcade machines camping with me.

Awesome Retro are already bringing a van load of consoles over from the continent, so there's going to be plenty to play with, but I do kinda feel that some dedicated cabs and hopefully a pinball machine or two would be an immense addition.

I have managed to beg and borrow enough machines from friends (mostly the lovely Retro Games Party lot) to fill a van, but logistic costs have rapidly gotten out of hand.

I have been looking at using a tail-lift Luton box van, as it's the largest thing available without special license, and I'm hoping to squeeze between 9-12 machines into it.

Renting a van + fuel for the week and hiring a man with a van, both work out about £660 to start in Leeds, head to Bolton to meet RGP and then down to EMF -and back again. The rental van has the downside of not coming with straps, which would potentially be a whole other megillah.

EMF have very kindly to help out with some of the costs, but even with that, I'm still looking at being out of pocket £400 + ticket, which is somewhat out of my budget.

After a very quick post and a couple of replies on the mailing list it looks like other people think it's a crazy idea, and based on that, it should be done.

I'm asking people to pledge support for this mad plan, and hopefully even some money to help make this happen.

I'll leave off making a decision until the 13th (so that gives us a week) to gather pledges to confirm this is a very silly idea and that I'll actually be able to afford it. Massive thank you in advance for your support :)

Plan: Shove a minimum of 9 arcade machines and at least 1 pinball into as large a van as I can find and have them all on freeplay for the weekend.

Costings: £660 - Van + Fuel to get them delivered and collected from site.

We're funded! The van is paid for and Retro Games Party have the machines ready and waiting. More details to come shortly :)

Pledges (please edit to add your support)

  • £250 -- EMF Camp Budget Paid :)
  • £ 50 -- GMC from Awesome Retro
  • £ 50 -- JontyW
  • £ 20 -- NAB
  • £ 20 -- Jasper
  • £ 20 -- James
  • £ 20 -- Jim M -Paid with thanks :)
  • £ 20 -- w1bble -Paid in cash; with thanks :)
  • £100 -- RJ
  • £ 13,37 -- Stitch from Awesome Retro
  • £100 -- nigle Paid -and received with the greatest of thanks :)

Total: £663.37