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Need to manage access and communication.

  • supermarket run?


Getting there

  • Shuttle buses from MK station/P&R?


  • MK Railway station £8.50/day
  • Grafton Gate £5.50/day (although Parkopedia says £7 for long-stay)
  • Park and Ride
    • The Coachway 311 free spaces, of which ~70? in use, 16 drop-off, 20 disabled, 30 bike. 7' 6" (2.28m)
  • Verge potentially 100 places if allowed by council (however, draws attention to the event)
  • On main site for 4-5 (organisers only)
  • On site across the river for 33 (organisers first), possibly 44.
    • From Barrell Bikers:
You need to have people "manning" the gate by the road as otherwise all your parking will fill up with people for the cycle track. When we explain that we have an event the cyclists are usually happy enough to park cars along the verge by the road.
  • Trip to check P&R use on a Friday evening and chat to Unisys (Eastlake Park)


  • These are ones for general use - see Fit-up for all vehicles
    • Landrover from Mark
    • Natm's car - (we'll have this trailer with us too)
    • davidc's van - Ducato probably
    • others?
  • Hired vehicles
    • 1 VW Transporter Friday 8am-Monday midday
    • 1 VW Transporter Friday 8-5pm, Monday 8-5pm
    • These are 9-seaters, and we'll include an extra driver on each
  • Alternative options
  • Team Drivers

Traffic Management:

  • Site access for vehicles
    • Pre-event
    • During event
      • Supply vehicles
      • Attendee vehicles
    • Post-event
  • Campervans
  • Disabled
  • Staff

The Team

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