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Invited: Alex, Andi, Marc, Jonty, martind



Meeting aims: establish current state, then work towards a series of proposals that we will present to the rest of the team.

  • Summarise current state
  • Discuss and develop some immediate goals, e.g.:
    • Pick up existing conversations with sponsors, pursue more
    • How best to coordinate with Team/Internet who will independently set up quite a few in-kind agreements?
      • They will be happy to listen to our suggestions, and hand over relationships if we're interested.
    • Create a good sponsorship package (which may have further prerequisites: e.g. formalised camp aims & objectives)
    • Identify suitable funding options
  • Discuss any potential longer-term plans
    •  ?
  • Identify what is needed for the work (e.g. email addresses, mailing list, IRC, task tracker, etc)
  • Who else should we have on the team?



  • Andi suggests: put a framework in place with particular targets (e.g. ticket sales at particular dates) that allow us to decide when to stop or scale down
    • Russ says: we're beyond that point. The event will happen :)
  • Andi: test our assumptions: are enough people willing to pay when there's no clear event schedule?
  • Marc: should agree on a ticket price target, not just a broad range
    • £80 may be too high
  • Should discuss misc crowdfunding options later (to e.g. pay for transport for prominent speakers: community interest determines who we can get)

Current event aims (to be confirmed with org team):

  1. A great social experience for all participants
  2. Don't run a deficit
  3. Make it easier to run the next camp/event

Publicly stated aims:

  • The first meeting of all UK Hackspaces/makespaces?

Immediate Aims

Develop a team remit:

  • focus on cash sponsorships, but support for team with in-kind sponsors. Ensuring promised funds/goods are delivered.
  • i.e., in-kind sponsorship is handled by other teams, they develop sponsorship opportunities
  • then we support them (we negotiate the details of what we offer and keep track of all agreements)


  • by when do we want the budget secured?
  • for now: suggesting £2k end of June
  • with a checkpoint in between
  • at that point we want per sponsor a written agreement, along with a document that documents the agreement

develop target groups for sponsors

  • then figure out how to approach them, what to offer

Sponsorship Package

Explanation of annotations used below:

  • SPECIAL: reserved for very special cases -- not part of the official package
  • POTENTIALLY: needs someone to take this on as a project

On the Website:

  • supporters page / space with logo (footer with sponsors, one page with further detail)
  • mention in blog post (thank you note to sponsor, introduction to their services)
  • SPECIAL: mention in social media accounts (FB, TW..)
  • SPECIAL: banners (different level of sponsorships)
  • SPECIAL: tags: with each media added online where we'll have the EMF tag we'll add the sponsors tags.


  • POTENTIALLY: logo in opening/ending credits -- if video presnt. TBC


  • VERY SPECIAL: access to audiences via personalised email (unlikely we'll use this)
  • inclusion in newsletter
  • post-festival thank you email including sponsors

On campsite

  • POTENTIALLY: give material to a goody bag (eg. flyers, merchandise, press releases) -- if goody bag is made
    • TODO: for jonty: investigate the nature of such deals at other conferences (do vendors pay for the privilege?)
  • inclusion in event guide
  • POTENTIALLY: includion in posters, other promo
  • Sponsors for projects, e.g. camp badge, installations
  • T-shirt sponsorship and / or any merchandising items
  • Mentions on stage during opening or closing ceremony
  • VERY SPECIAL: Banner on camp site (e.g. the side of marquees)
  • Radio/Video coverage on EMFM/Online streams (need to confirm with EMFM before we set up deals)


  • SPECIAL: small number of free tickets for a few key sponsors (this is expensive for us)


  • Alex: make a timeline, share with org team (e.g. at a planning meeting)
  • Alex to write a team remit
  • martind: describe current thoughts: who do we want to talk to as prospective sponsors? (e.g. bytemark: they understand it immediately)
  • martind: stavros/logo: what's your schedule like? think we can finish it soon?
  • martind: collect all existing requests for in-kind sponsors, share with "Sponsors" team
  • Marc: share list of orgs with team: sponsors, funding (e.g. on the wiki)
  • Alex: review existing suggestions for sponsors
  • Alex, Marc to review potential sources of funding
  • Jonty: to research how "goodie bag" promotion deals at conferences are usually structured
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