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Security Notes/Incident Log

We should record all security related occurrences no matter how minor. These should be communicated to the next person on shift.

  • At approximately 16:00 on Friday 31st August a young black male on a BMX rode into the carpark while using his phone. He looked out of place as he was not going to the BMX track I asked him if I could help him. He said he was going to Willen which is an area from where he had come! I informed him of this and kept a close watch on him letting him know I was watching him. He then stated that he was waiting for his mate. I stared at him until he left, alone.

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I propose we merge this with the Volunteers page as security people are likely to be rotated and presenting a common, friendly face on all fronts is desirable


  • team remit
  • Lighthouse link
  • other documentation
  • briefing notes & duties can be added here



Different licensing areas take very different views on this. If alcohol is on sale or allowed they very well may stipulated card carrying SIA security in addition to 24 hour stewarding and radio system. Getting stewards to work the night shift can be hard.


A wire alarm on the perimeter fence might be a fun project and impress the licensing committee that we are serious about security.

It has been mentioned that at HAR, the site is open. People not wearing wristbands should be asked / challenged to obtain one from the infodesk


I have a quote for some security radios - £175 inc VAT for 18 VHF 5-tone radios + 1 base station, 7 day hire. --Artag 09:17, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

We would be responsible for replacing any damage and this should be considered in our insurance.

These are proper commercial handhelds with an official channel allocation, not PMR446. I guessed the number on the basis of supplying radios to :

But if we have a booking in we should be able to adjust quantities after discussion. September apparently gets busy with golf tournaments etc. after the summer break, so, like many facilities, this shouldn't be booked too late.

The base station isn't special, it's just a handheld with a fixed power supply. Any of the handhelds can also be used as a spare base station. It's convenient to get them in multiples of 6 as that's what the charging stations use.

Update :

tgreer requested prices for leather cases (to help reduce accidental damage) and earpieces. The radio price includes either a clip or a case, and earpieces can be added at £4 per earpiece per week. --Artag 15:59, 23 May 2012 (UTC)

If we're forced to hire security people, I have a recommendation (from a friend who often works with security people) for Akita Security

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