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There are no facilities onsite so we will have to bring our own.


Toilets spreadsheet:


  • Standard Portaloo
  • Disabled Portaloo
  • Urinal Block
  • Sinks
  • (Showers) discussion

How much cleaning/services/supplies (toilet paper/soap) etc do we want?


  1. standpipes
  2. bank of pushtaps + pallets to stand above the mud
  3. sinks
  4. showers
  5. cubicles

Assumptions & queries:

  1. Access via 9'9 height restriction
  2. grey water disposal - common facility or part of the shower cubicle ?
  3. cold or hot showers ? cold showers likely to be much faster sessions.
  4. With 500 people on site, we might want to serve 200 people a 10-minute shower in 4 hours. This requires ~8 units. Might be cut to 4.
  5. Delivery Thursday 30th, removal Monday 3rd
  6. what is requirement for hot water ? propane ? electricity ?
  7. total cost to include delivery, vat, cleaning


Crypt has a quote for toilets for £115 each

  • Does this include VAT
  • Does this include delivery
  • Cleaning for all of them is £200 (does this not scale with the quantity ordered?)

Quotes requested

Convenient conveniences - also requested quote for 8-stall urinal

Mobile toilet services

Top toilets

7.2kW, water flows out back so requires drainage, 7 days min hire £125 + vat per shower delivered.
Can provide water storage but it's third party so probably may as well get it ourselves.
Verbal quote, number 235895

Abbas cabins

Dorset - will not deliver this far.
But have choice of electric or gas at same price and noted that pumps are needed from water tanks and electric showers require mains pressure
Site also has useful information such as water rate - gas showers use 0.5-1.6 gpm, so we can estimate 5 gal per person for 5 min shower in 10 min occupancy.
estimate 250 showers per day = 3 * 250 * 5 ~= 4000 gal ~= 20,000 l

Excloosive - Quote requested by email

Tardis Hire - Quote requested from online form

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